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Rock Docs

Oct 25, 2022

Welcome to the final episode in our unofficial, unplanned Halloween episodes. Today's episode features Very Special Guest Ryan Bradford. Check out his Substack at

Today's documentary is This Is GWAR, released in 2022, directed by Scott Barber.

GWAR is an art collective/metal/punk band of disgusting, blasphemous alien barbarians who have come to the worst planet in the universe: Earth. The movie tells the story of this longstanding project, with a few moments of victory mixed with an unbelievable amout of pain, struggle, and interpersonal conflict. And yet the movie becomes oddly emotional. Some people might think GWAR is a sick joke, but this movie is the real deal.

Rock Docs is hosted by David Lizerbram & Andrew Keatts

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Cover Art by N.C. Winters - check him out on Instagram at @NCWintersArt