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Rock Docs

Jun 7, 2022

Rock Docs: A Podcast About Music Documentaries We're joined by Very Special Guest James Campion, author of Take a Sad Song: The Emotional Currency of "Hey Jude". We discuss his book about "Hey Jude" and the influence that the song had on the "Let It Be" sessions that led to Get Back. James shares his insights after talking to songwriters, musicologists, and even Michael Lindsay-Hogg himself about this era of the Beatles' career. Plus we talk about our mutual love of rock docs and James puts on the spot to reveal our favorite Beatles documentaries (other than Get Back, of course).

Hosted by David Lizerbram & Andrew Keatts

Twitter: @RockDocsPod

Instagram: @RockDocsPod

Cover Art by N.C. Winters - check him out on Instagram at @NCWintersArt