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Rock Docs

Dec 20, 2022

Today's episode is about "We Are Twisted Sister" (Andrew Horn, 2014). It's about the rise - just the rise, none of the stuff after the rise - of the pioneering shock rock hair metal band Twisted Sister. Our guest is American painter, Mountain Brews and Richard Pictures band member, and Internet Radio Show host...

Dec 6, 2022

Rock Docs: A Podcast About Music Documentaries

Today's documentary is Moonage Daydream, released in 2022, directed by Brett Morgen.

Moonage Daydream is about David Bowie. It was released with the approval of the estate of Bowie, although Morgen was given final cut. The audio was mixed by Bowie's longtime producer...

Nov 22, 2022

You may have heard of today's documentary, The Last Waltz, featuring The Band. The documentary was directed by Martin Scorsese and released in 1978.

For this episode we are joined by Very Special Guest Tyrell Lisson of the podcast The Band: A History. Tyrell is the official (unofficial) world's expert on The Band and he...

Nov 8, 2022

Today's episode isn't about a specific documentary - instead, we're joined by Very Special Guest Jon Wurster to discuss some of his favorite music documentaries.

Jon Wurster plays drums for Superchunk, The Mountain Goats, and Bob Mould (how did we forget to mention Bob Mould?), and has also played with artists as varied...

Oct 25, 2022

Welcome to the final episode in our unofficial, unplanned Halloween episodes. Today's episode features Very Special Guest Ryan Bradford. Check out his Substack at

Today's documentary is This Is GWAR, released in 2022, directed by Scott Barber.

GWAR is an art collective/metal/punk band of...